Anchors for sections/tabs of About Page

Please use following anchors for the tabs, About History Statement of Faith Global Ministry Overview From the International President The Board of Trustees The World Leadership Team The Logo

Template for Extra Pages on Sub-Sites

What pages do we use for additional information to Nation and Area pages? For example, I have added page to the Asia Pacific site e.g. but the Contact Form is on each page but use the the page title so… ‘Contact How We Operate YFC’ makes sense on a front page ‘Asia Pacific’ but not extra pages. I could not figure out how to remove the form from the extra pages.

Currently you are using same template “Area with Dropdown” for home page and inner pages, Instead please use “Area Sub-pages with Dropdown” for inner pages.

Tutorial: Creating a new (sub) site


  1. Select Network Admin from top bar My Site menu.

My sites -> Network admin


  1. select Add New from Sites Menu

Sites -> Add New


  1. Fill the form

You can manage – Site URL, Title, Language and Admin

eg: url=

Click Submit.


  1. Note the id value from address bar of the browser

eg: id = 156


  1. Select Domains from Settings menu

in the New Domain Form, enter domain and site id.

then click on save


Now the sub-site is ready.

You can login the sub-site admin section with selected admin details

admin URL will like


  1. Login sub-site Admin
  2. Activate the Theme from Theme tab of Appearance menu

Appearance -> Theme

  1. Set home page

Select Reading tab from Settings menu


In Front page displays option select  “A static page”.

Select your home page from the drop-down menu of “Front page”.

Save changes.


  1. Select Pages Menu

Click on Edit link of your home page from the Pages list,

From the right side of the window, You can select Required Template for the home page from Page Attribute Column.


  1. Click Update to Save


Should be good.

Misc Notes: Nation Pages

The header image is always the featured image of the particular page. If there is no featured image has been set, then there will be a default image

For header donation widget, you should add it on admin. Please follow the steps
Admin->appearance->widgets->Add “header donation box widget” to “header widget” area.

Nations Template is used for the show the list of countries in Nations page in Main Site. We are currently using “country landing page” template for each country site. So now it is “Country landing Page” and “Country without Dropdown”

“Area abbreviation” only for the area home page if any, but it is not a required field, you can either continue with “Area” template itself.

Login to Admin/Area Site and follow the steps
Appearance->Widgets-> Make sure “Donation Box Widget” is present in Primary Widget area

Adding Forms

Login to admin of the particular site where you wan to connect the contact form with Constant Contact.

Follow the steps,
1. Forms -> Constant Contact -> Add New
2. From the Constant Contact form, Select Constant Contact List. Here you can decide which contact list you want to add them, Eg: ePray! Global
3. Select Gravity Form Eg: ePray Newsletter SignUp
4. Set map fields, Set Gravity Form fields data to Constant Contact Fields.
Save Feeds

Now you can find ePray subscribers list from Constant Contact List “ePray! Global”.

Cropping an images to set as header

You can crop fetured image as you wish from admin side, Please follow the below mentioned steps for cropping an image.
Click on the featured image, then choose image and click on “Edit Image” from right side of the Attachment Details.
Drag On the image and adjust the width and height as you required, then click on crop icon and Save