Template for Extra Pages on Sub-Sites

What pages do we use for additional information to Nation and Area pages? For example, I have added page to the Asia Pacific site e.g. http://asiapacific.yfci.org/how-we-operate/ but the Contact Form is on each page but use the the page title so… ‘Contact How We Operate YFC’ makes sense on a front page ‘Asia Pacific’ but not extra pages. I could not figure out how to remove the form from the extra pages.

Currently you are using same template “Area with Dropdown” for home page and inner pages, Instead please use “Area Sub-pages with Dropdown” for inner pages.

Adding Additional Pages to Area (and other) Sites

Use “Area With Drop down” template for the dropdown menu of country, and “Custom template with widget” for pages with widgets. Go to Appearance>Widgets>Sidebar and add custom menu widget to sidebar, selecting a menu you create with the list of pages you wish to display in the sidebar.

There is option available in admin to select a different template.